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A young child's hands grab for the handle of a pot of boiling water as his parent's hands reach out to stop him.
Dr. Louis Capecci wears surgical scrubs and washes his hands as he prepares for surgery in a hospital.
Two women walk through a brightly lit hall in a children's hospital, looking at each other and talking
Aelyn Grohowski
Christopherlee Nainoa Kamakea
Aedan Faylogna
Alexanna “Lexie” Miyasato
Daneisha Quiamas
Daphine Amari Russell
Eity Marissa Jude
Jagger Leach
Jeremiah Nunez
Kaananalu J. Kana
Leni Acosta Knight
Liam Uyeda
Liyah-Ann Sabalboro