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a thick layer of vog clouds the air around an active lava field
blurred silhouettes of people can be seen behind a comic book decal that says "pow" stuck to a glass window of the playroom
Child sitting in a forward-facing car safety seat
Rain flooding a house in Hawaii
A cancer patient paints a heart on a colorful canvas.
a gloved hand holds a vial of blood labeled positive for mumps
A man adjusts his review mirror of his car to better see out the back window
Kodey Duez pitching in a baseball game
A pair of woman's, child's and man's running shoes sit in front of a gym bag, water bottle and weights to represent a family getting into shape together.
Presents underneath a decorated Christmas tree.
Woman's hands holding a spoon in one hand and a bowl of yogurt and fruit in the other
A photo shows an apple, banana and donuts with sugar cubes to depict how much sugar is found in each food item.
Xzylie Ramelb
A young girl with short brown hair and glasses smiles while holding an ukulele.
A young boy is standing in the middle of a forest wearing a baseball jersey and smiling.
Kayle Osai holding plush lion