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a wooden gate with a sign that says "Beware of Dog It Bites" nailed to it
A girl sits at a kitchen table with a large plate of salad and a glass of orange juice in front of her and a bowl of green apples in the foreground.
young girl sitting up in bed holding an alarm clock and rubbing sleep from her eyes
Two women stand on a grassy lawn in front of a children's hospital next to a sign that reads "The Pinwheel Garden is in support of National Child Abuse Prevention Month" and hold blue pinwheels.
A young girl clutches a teddy bear in her right arm and holds her left hand up in front of her face to say "STOP!"
A young child's hands grab for the handle of a pot of boiling water as his parent's hands reach out to stop him.
young girl with pigtails sits at a kitchen table with a plateful of vegetables in front of her
brightly colored packs of The Pill birth control method piled on top of each other
young boy reads a book in bed surrounded by stuffed animals
school items and a JUUL e-cigarette spilling out of a mesh bag
pregnant woman writing a list and packing a emergency kit
young toddler playing with games on a cell phone
young child getting buckled into a car safety seat
a teenage girl talks with her mother about a website on a computer
Child sitting in a forward-facing car safety seat
A man adjusts his review mirror of his car to better see out the back window