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preventive screenings

a doctor dressed in scrubs looks at a digital image of a brain with hot spots where neurons are firing
medical monitors display a patient's vital signs and a scan of a heart
Machine holding a sample
A man a woman stand holding hands with their two toddler sons in a grassy field in front of a mountain.
Three women stand closely together in a tropical rainforest.
A male physician holds up a 3D model titled "Erosive Esophagitis" while talking to a female patient in an exam room.
woman getting her heart examined by doctor
A man runs on a treadmill with sensors taped onto various parts of his body to track his heart rate as shown on a heart rate monitor.
Dr. Paula Lee and oncology nurse practitioner Joanna Agena talk in the doorway of an empty exam room
a doctor in scrubs looks into a microscope
middle-aged man in a white T-shirt holds his stomach with a look of pain on his face to indicate possible colon cancer
Headshot of Peggy Dixon
Leslie Kang
a white strand of DNA with part of the helix removed and highlighted in pink