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heart disease

two elderly women happily laughing and playing with hula hoops outdoors
closeup of young woman taking a hit from an electronic smoking device with smoke swirling around her head
pregnant woman dressed in workout clothes sits on an exercise ball while holding dumbbells in both hands and wearing a towel draped over her neck to signify working out
brightly colored packs of The Pill birth control method piled on top of each other
A pile of prescription medication bottles
cheese, nuts, broccoli and a soft-boiled egg spell out the word "KETO"
interior of the Straub hybrid suite
Dr. Jason Pirga reads a female patient's blood pressure in a clinic at Straub Medical Center
Capt. Frederick “Carl” Riedlin and his son stand with a surfboard on a beach
A man pushes a grocery cart full of fresh fruits and vegetables
A baking pan of freshly baked Apple Spice Muffins
A lightbulb with a heart in the center drawn in chalk on a blackboard
Kodey Duez pitching in a baseball game
William Martin walking his horse on a trail on Kauai
Woman holding an apple with a heart-shaped bite taken out of it
close-up of a girl hugging a puppy