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young woman holding up scale and screaming in frustration
older woman examines the bottom of her foot
3D image of human anatomy showing where the liver is located
cheese, nuts, broccoli and a soft-boiled egg spell out the word "KETO"
young woman sitting cross-legged on a beach blanket eating fresh fruit
Turkey Masala Stuffed Peppers in a ceramic baking dish fresh out of the oven
Shelly Kahalelehua-Kahapea hiking in front of a waterfall
An older women playfully spars with her husband in a gym
Bowl of Coconut Cauliflower "Rice" Pudding with a spoonful of pudding sitting next to the bowl
Tressy Chan trying on clothes and looking at her new, slim reflection in a store mirror
A pair of woman's, child's and man's running shoes sit in front of a gym bag, water bottle and weights to represent a family getting into shape together.
Planner with a checklist of goals, plan and action for the New Year
workout gears next to small Christmas tree
A photo shows an apple, banana and donuts with sugar cubes to depict how much sugar is found in each food item.
Vegetables with face carved on them
black and white photograph of a group of women