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anatomical model of the digestive system
depiction of a man with pieces of his head fading away to represent memory loss
an illustration of a female wearing high-cut briefs with flowers surrounding the pubic area
a gloved doctor's hand holding a syringe and vaccine vile
an older woman applies a green face mask to her skin
Robert Wada holds daughter Kaila and stands between wife Karen and dad Randy on the third floor of Kapiolani Medical Center's Diamond Head Tower
A pile of prescription medication bottles
elderly woman with arms crossed refusing to eat a spoonful of food presented to her by a loved one
elderly man with a sports towel draped over his shoulders standing outside in a wooded area holding a small felt heart
young woman holding up scale and screaming in frustration
older woman examines the bottom of her foot
four spoons containing different vitamin and supplements pills set up in a line on a counter
Aurelia Awa
young child with cancer looks up hopefully from hospital bed
doctor discussing treatment options with elderly man
pregnant woman writing a list and packing a emergency kit