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A man pushes a grocery cart full of fresh fruits and vegetables
close-up of a girl hugging a puppy
A young child's hands grab for the handle of a pot of boiling water as his parent's hands reach out to stop him.
Freshly made Edamole is presented in a stone mortar topped with chopped tomatoes and red onion and a tortilla chip stick out of the dip
a person stretching their shoulders
Greek Tabbouleh Pita Pockets
Woman holding an apple with a heart-shaped bite taken out of it
Cilantro Mint Raita
A pair of chopsticks rests on a serving dish with pieces of Tofu Katsu and a bowl of homemade Katsu Sauce
A freshly made Tex-Mex Tortilla Pie is presented on a wooden cutting board with an avocado, cut in half, next to it
Dr. Paula Lee and oncology nurse practitioner Joanna Agena talk in the doorway of an empty exam room
A doctor talks with a colleague in a hallway.
Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Mariya Opanova points to an X-ray while speaking with a female patient in an exam room.
Chocolate-Dipped Whole-Wheat Matcha Shortbread Cookies
A doctor points to a CT scan and talks to a patient