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A young girl sitting curled up against a wall with her head in her hands
A girl sits at a kitchen table with a large plate of salad and a glass of orange juice in front of her and a bowl of green apples in the foreground.
A man pushes a grocery cart full of fresh fruits and vegetables
Two male doctors look at a computer screen in an exam room.
Machine holding a sample
person using phone sitting next to workout equipment
a bowl of hummus surrounded by an assortment of fresh vegetable slices, garbanzo beans, lemon wedges and pita bread
A woman stands in a greenhouse and holds a bunch of red tomatoes on the vine
young girl sitting up in bed holding an alarm clock and rubbing sleep from her eyes
woman with sunhat sitting by the pool
a physician wearing blue scrubs and a white glove holds up a scan of a brain that has red areas shaded to indicate a stroke
A young girl clutches a teddy bear in her right arm and holds her left hand up in front of her face to say "STOP!"
a runner crouches into a starting stance in anticipation for a race
Tired young man yawning
close-up of a girl hugging a puppy