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pregnant woman dressed in workout clothes sits on an exercise ball while holding dumbbells in both hands and wearing a towel draped over her neck to signify working out
female athlete showing exhaustion by laying down on an outdoor running track
athletic woman bent over holding shin in pain while on a run outdoors
elderly woman having height measured by male nurse at the doctors' office
orange-soled athletic shoes stick out from under the covers of a comforter on a bed
Wilcox orthopedic surgeon Dr. Derek Johnson and Mike Wehrly stand together smiling in front of the entrance to Wilcox Medical Center
Lance Kaanoi stands in a forest of trees with his arms crossed, looking with determination off into the distance
older woman examines the bottom of her foot
3-D image of bone with osteoporosis
Landon Nance
close-up of a male runner grabbing his knee in pain
physicians and staff of the Straub Burn Center stand in front of the office doors and sign
pregnant woman writing a list and packing a emergency kit
doctor pointing to brain scan X-ray
young child getting buckled into a car safety seat
a group of people in front of a display at a convention