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elderly woman having height measured by male nurse at the doctors' office
orange-soled athletic shoes stick out from under the covers of a comforter on a bed
Wilcox orthopedic surgeon Dr. Derek Johnson and Mike Wehrly stand together smiling in front of the entrance to Wilcox Medical Center
Lance Kaanoi stands in a forest of trees with his arms crossed, looking with determination off into the distance
older woman examines the bottom of her foot
3-D image of bone with osteoporosis
Landon Nance
close-up of a male runner grabbing his knee in pain
physicians and staff of the Straub Burn Center stand in front of the office doors and sign
pregnant woman writing a list and packing a emergency kit
doctor pointing to brain scan X-ray
young child getting buckled into a car safety seat
a group of people in front of a display at a convention
a teenage girl talks with her mother about a website on a computer
a woman relaxes in a hammock by the beach
an EMT demonstrating the proper way to apply a tourniquet