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a person stretching their shoulders
Woman holding an apple with a heart-shaped bite taken out of it
A group of doctors, nurses and hospital administrative staff smile at the camera for a group photo taken outside of a medical center in Hawaii
A man runs on a treadmill with sensors taped onto various parts of his body to track his heart rate as shown on a heart rate monitor.
Dr. Katherne Podraza holds a brain model while talking to a female patient in an exam room.
A male doctor holds a model of a brain and talks with a female patient as they sit in an exam room.
A doctor points to a CT scan and talks to a patient
a doctor in scrubs looks into a microscope
orange-soled athletic shoes stick out from under the covers of a comforter on a bed
a framed sign that says "Do What Makes You Happy" on a wooden counter top next to a potted succulent
three men in neon green volunteer shirts and a woman in a white volunteer shirt stand in front of a blue pop-up tent that says Hawaii Pacific Health
man with brace on wrist texting
an orange bottle of sunscreen on a table next to a piece of coral
woman yawning holding an alarm clock in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other hand
closeup of young woman taking a hit from an electronic smoking device with smoke swirling around her head
gout written on a medical form