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Volunteers gather on the field of Aloha Stadium for a safety brief before the start of the Great Aloha Run
close-up of a male runner grabbing his knee in pain
doctor pointing to brain scan X-ray
a group of people in front of a display at a convention
a woman relaxes in a hammock by the beach
young athletic woman bent over with hands on knees as sun beats down on her back
Kurt and Renee Suzuki flash a smile with two young patients at Kapiolani Medical Center.
woman running by the beach
Athletic man running on a road
A radiographed photo of Kelly Slater's photo injury shows the broken metatarsal bones in the middle of the foot
A runner laces up her shoes while a bright turquoise water bottle sits on the ground next to her.
Natalie Leitner
boy rising out of bed and clutching sore neck
golf player clutching sore back
two young girls playing role play as doctor and patient
child with a bandage on their forehead