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Dr. Jason Pirga reads a female patient's blood pressure in a clinic at Straub Medical Center
an EMT demonstrating the proper way to apply a tourniquet
Capt. Frederick “Carl” Riedlin and his son stand with a surfboard on a beach
doctor and nurse discussing treatment options with patient in hospital room
various asthma and allergy treatments on a wooden table
nurses from Pali Momi and Straub gather for annual competency training
a computer monitor shows an xray of a stroke patient as surgeons perform emergency surgery in the background
An athletic young woman stands up against a wall after a workout holding a water bottle
Close-up of a happy face drawn on a roll of toilet paper
a gloved hand holds a vial of blood labeled positive for mumps
A group of people stand around a table signing a commitment pledge to show their support of a program.
Calcium-rich foods, including milk, cheese, nuts, and leafy greens, displayed on a table around a handheld chalkboard with the word "Calcium" written on it
A young girl sitting curled up against a wall with her head in her hands
A cross-sectional diagram of a kidney with kidney stones
A young man sitting on a couch holding his lower back in pain
Shelly Kahalelehua-Kahapea hiking in front of a waterfall