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A group of people stand around a table signing a commitment pledge to show their support of a program.
Shelly Kahalelehua-Kahapea hiking in front of a waterfall
Tressy Chan trying on clothes and looking at her new, slim reflection in a store mirror
A man and three women stand on stage during a ceremony.
Xzylie Ramelb
A young girl with short brown hair and glasses smiles while holding an ukulele.
A young boy is standing in the middle of a forest wearing a baseball jersey and smiling.
Kayle Osai holding plush lion
Keao Miyahira
Kupono Kahapea
Lindsey Spencer
Lyrryx Bautista
Natalie Leitner
Pekelo Graycochea sitting on tree
Reilynn Mahoe
Bethanie Grace Dela Cruz being held