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Casey Schmidt sits on a beach with her husband and nine children
Hawaii News Now "Sunrise on the Road" reporters Dan Cooke, Steve Uyehara and Howard Dicus pose for a group shot with staff members from the Pali Momi Infusion Center
Capt. Frederick “Carl” Riedlin and his son stand with a surfboard on a beach
various asthma and allergy treatments on a wooden table
nurses from Pali Momi and Straub gather for annual competency training
blurred silhouettes of people can be seen behind a comic book decal that says "pow" stuck to a glass window of the playroom
Wearing pink flower lei and dressed in white, Sinah Meier and Olli Fuchs pose for their wedding photos on the beach in Hawaii
A cancer patient paints a heart on a colorful canvas.
A group of people stand around a table signing a commitment pledge to show their support of a program.
Shelly Kahalelehua-Kahapea hiking in front of a waterfall
Tressy Chan trying on clothes and looking at her new, slim reflection in a store mirror
A man and three women stand on stage during a ceremony.
Xzylie Ramelb
A young girl with short brown hair and glasses smiles while holding an ukulele.
A young boy is standing in the middle of a forest wearing a baseball jersey and smiling.
Kayle Osai holding plush lion