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a middle-age Asian woman holds her chin as her face droops to one side indicating a stroke
A man and woman hold their 4-year-old daughter and smile at each other.
a close-up of a child with a repaired cleft lip
A mother and girl toddler sit on a colorful blanket surrounded by tropical plants.
A young boy in a flannel jacket smiles at the camera as he stands in front of a blurred forest background.
Three women stand closely together in a tropical rainforest.
Dr. Paula Lee and oncology nurse practitioner Joanna Agena talk in the doorway of an empty exam room
Komal Soin
Kalley-Mae Yee
Kehaulani Lee with sons Benjamin, Dominic and Connor
Leila-Rose Coloma
MJ Niwa
woman with melasma examining at skin in mirror
Marol Kawada holds and kisses her youngest son, Michael
pregnant woman dressed in workout clothes sits on an exercise ball while holding dumbbells in both hands and wearing a towel draped over her neck to signify working out