doctor and nurse discussing treatment options with patient in hospital room

Colorectal Cancer Screenings Now Start at Age 45, Lowered to Catch Rising Cancer Rates in Younger People

Recommendations changed in response to growing rates of the disease in patients younger than 50.

nurses from Pali Momi and Straub gather for annual competency training
a gloved hand holds a vial of blood labeled positive for mumps
A group of people stand around a table signing a commitment pledge to show their support of a program.
Dr. David Rovinksy and Dr. Erik Zeegen perform robotic-assisted total knee replacement surgery on cadavers.
A radiographed photo of Kelly Slater's photo injury shows the broken metatarsal bones in the middle of the foot
Front desk/waiting area of the new Kapiolani Emergency Department
An arrangement of medical supplies, including exam gloves, an IV bag, needles and urine sample represent new testing options available for detecting prostate cancer.
An X-ray image shows a human lung with an area highlighted in red to indicate lung cancer.