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a thick layer of vog clouds the air around an active lava field
Child sitting in a forward-facing car safety seat
Rain flooding a house in Hawaii
an older woman bends forward into a yoga position
An athletic young woman stands up against a wall after a workout holding a water bottle
Close-up of a happy face drawn on a roll of toilet paper
A pregnant woman sits on her bed holding a notebook with the reminder "Don't Forget!" written in bold print on the open page
A man pushes a grocery cart full of fresh fruits and vegetables
A young girl sitting curled up against a wall with her head in her hands
A young man sitting on a couch holding his lower back in pain
Woman holding an apple with a heart-shaped bite taken out of it
An older women playfully spars with her husband in a gym
Planner with a checklist of goals, plan and action for the New Year
Woman holding a pickle and chocolate chocolate sandwich
Woman with a headache holds her head in pain
workout gears next to small Christmas tree