Tips to (Finally) Tackling Your Resolutions

Live Healthy

How important are New Year’s resolutions? Does anyone EVER keep them? Should you even bother to set them? 

Actually, resolutions can be a great tool for achieving health goals! 

No matter what time of year it is, resolutions can help keep you focused on continually improving your health and lifestyle. 

Plus, when you set a resolution and achieve your goal, this can help motivate and inspire others around you, including your friends, your children and those in your community. 

Had trouble sticking to resolutions in the past? It might have been because you tried to do too much too quickly. 

Unhealthy habits don’t crop up overnight – many of these habits have developed over years and years, so don’t expect perfection the moment the clock strikes midnight. 

You may wish to start with small goals instead.

For instance, you could resolve to drink eight glasses of water daily.

Or, if you are in the habit of snacking on potato chips late at night, maybe swap these with some raw veggies with a sprinkle of garlic salt or roasted nori sheets instead. 

Here are three other ideas to keep your resolutions going.

Make a Resolution in a Group

Team up with friends, coworkers or family members to help each other reach your goals.

You can hold each other accountable while offering guidance or support when you feel your resolve start to fade.

Regular meetings are a good time to share your successes with the group or learn what has (or hasn’t) worked for other people. Some workplaces even offer health or weight-loss challenges.

Set a Clearly Defined Goal & Time Limit for Completing That Goal

For example, tell yourself “I will lose 10 pounds by March 1,” or “I will start walking seven days a week for 15 minutes daily.”

Some people find that writing down their goal and keeping track of their progress on a calendar provides extra incentive and motivation.

Seek professional support to help you maintain your commitment.

If you hit a few challenges along the way – and most likely you will – a comprehensive lifestyle program can provide you the tools and guidance needed to overcome those obstacles and achieve your goals.


You only get one body and can’t choose another one, so you might as well take care of the one you have!



Published on: December 26, 2017