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a physician wearing blue scrubs and a white glove holds up a scan of a brain that has red areas shaded to indicate a stroke
A teenage girl stands against the trunk of a large banyan tree and looks up peacefully at a patch of sunlight streaming through the branches.
A young boy in a wheelchair smiles at the camera in front of Iolani Palace.
A teenage boy stands in a tropical forest and looks wistfully off to the distance.
A male doctor holds a model of a brain and talks with a female patient as they sit in an exam room.
a framed sign that says "Do What Makes You Happy" on a wooden counter top next to a potted succulent
Aidan Gadingan
Bjorn Astrom
Grady Rodgers
Mahoe Dancel
MJ Niwa
Silas Senones-Waller
old woman sitting on couch listening to music from a mobile phone
depiction of a man with pieces of his head fading away to represent memory loss
Robert Wada holds daughter Kaila and stands between wife Karen and dad Randy on the third floor of Kapiolani Medical Center's Diamond Head Tower
Grace Sakamoto