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Healthier Hawaii is the health and wellness blog of Hawaii Pacific Health, a not-for-profit health care system anchored by four medical centers – Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children, Pali Momi Medical Center and Straub Medical Center on the island of Oahu, and Wilcox Health on Kauai, which includes Wilcox Medical Center and Kauai Medical Clinic.

Guided by our mission to create a healthier Hawaii, we strive to provide credible and timely health information online in order to make the greatest impact on the health of individuals, families and communities in the state and beyond.

Who We Are

We believe “healthy” doesn’t need to mean “boring”!

Our passion is health, which is why Healthier Hawaii employs a full-time staff of professionals dedicated to crafting original articles that hit upon topics that include:

  • Medical advice from our accredited health care professionals to help you Be Healthy.
  • Tips on the latest exercise trends, injury prevention, alternative approaches to preventive health care to help you Live Healthy.
  • Recipes and nutritional advice to help you Eat Healthy.
  • The latest developments surrounding health issues, including updates to medical guidelines and safety recommendations; emerging research in the fields of cancer, heart health, bone and joint, and children’s health; and the latest in health care services and procedures available at our medical centers and clinics in Hawaii.
  • Inspiring stories from patients who have overcome major health obstacles, as well as our medical professionals who live their healthier by surfing, hiking, cooking fresh meals for their families, volunteering in the community and more!

Our Healthier Hawaii staff of content creators include former journalists and health care communicators, meaning our articles are well-researched and written to include the latest health information presented in a voice that is equal parts reliable and relatable.

Additionally, physicians and other specialists from throughout our Hawaii Pacific Health family of medical centers – Kapiolani, Pali Momi, Straub and Wilcox – regularly contribute articles to Healthier Hawaii to provide insight into breaking health news, developing medical studies, and emerging trends in disease prevention, nutrition, fitness and more.

Our Editorial Process

At Healthier Hawaii, our job is to stay on the pulse of what’s going on in the health care and wellness community.

But we also are storytellers, which is why content always is created with the heart of the story in mind.

Our editorial board meets weekly to plan out content for important upcoming health events and awarenesses you should know more about, but also keep in touch daily to discuss emerging developments that come across our news feeds or social channels. 

Be it through a Q&A interview, photos slideshow or long-format exposé, our content is hand-crafted to be unique to Healthier Hawaii – it’s our promise to readers that when you visit our blog, you’ll be served with more than a generic recap of information available elsewhere on the Internet.

Our Editorial Guidelines

Every piece of content published to the Healthier Hawaii blog goes through a rigorous editing and review process to ensure the stories you read, videos you watch and even the images you Pin are accurate, appropriate and approved to be used in the context in which it is presented.

Our editorial process includes a strict vetting system. Content is first reviewed by a physician or medical expert who checks the accuracy and appropriateness of medical language and health advice. Next, an editorial manager reviews for grammatical style, flow, punctuation, and readability in accordance with AP Style and our internal Hawaii Pacific Health styleguide.

Once approved by all parties, the content is published to the blog.

Contact Us

Got an idea for something you’d like to see covered on Healthier Hawaii? Send us an email to Editor@HealthierHawaii.org!

Awards & Recognitions

  • PRSA Hawaii Koa Hammer Awards – 2018 Koa Hammer Award, Healthier Hawaii 2018 Calendar, Other Promotions
  • PRSA Hawaii Koa Hammer Awards – 2018 Award of Excellence, Blog
  • PRSA Hawaii Koa Hammer Awards – 2017 Award of Excellence, Blog
  • 34th annual Healthcare Advertising Awards – Award of Merit, New Media