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A pile of prescription medication bottles
elderly man with a sports towel draped over his shoulders standing outside in a wooded area holding a small felt heart
Woman yawning
Grace Sakamoto
school items and a JUUL e-cigarette spilling out of a mesh bag
interior of the Straub hybrid suite
Capt. Frederick “Carl” Riedlin and his son stand with a surfboard on a beach
a computer monitor shows an xray of a stroke patient as surgeons perform emergency surgery in the background
An athletic young woman stands up against a wall after a workout holding a water bottle
Freshly made Edamole is presented in a stone mortar topped with chopped tomatoes and red onion and a tortilla chip stick out of the dip
A man pushes a grocery cart full of fresh fruits and vegetables
A lightbulb with a heart in the center drawn in chalk on a blackboard
Coleen Uyechi walking her dog in a park
Kodey Duez pitching in a baseball game
William Martin walking his horse on a trail on Kauai
Woman holding an apple with a heart-shaped bite taken out of it