Working out alongside other high-energy individuals is one of the reasons group fitness classes are so popular.

5 Ways Group Workouts Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

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Growth only happens when we step outside our comfort zones, but taking the first step to a healthier you doesn't have to be a solo excursion. 

One great way to explore new workout frontiers is with a group class. 

Ready for some major #fitspo? Here are five ways group workouts can help you reach your fitness goals.


The hardest part about any workout regimen is getting started. That’s because often, people don’t know where to start! 

Group fitness classes take the guesswork out of your workout by providing a structured routine complete with warm-up and cool-down, along with a certified instructor who will lead you through each segment of the activity. 

Group fitness classes take the guesswork out of your workout by providing a structured routine led by a certified instructor.

Additionally, many fitness classes require you to sign up and pay in advance. Having a standing calendar date holds you accountable for showing up. If you skip out you’re not only losing money, you’re taking away someone else’s opportunity to get in a good workout.


We’ve all felt the energy and exhilaration of beginning a new exercise routine. You feel unstoppable for the first few days, then slowly, your motivation begins to wane and other things – like happy hour drinks or a Netflix marathon session – sound more appealing. 

With a group fitness class, your motivation is far less likely to lag. Being surrounded by others who are dedicated to their fitness goals will help inspire you to push harder than you normally would on your own. 

Energy is contagious! Surrounding yourself with others who are dedicated to their fitness goals will inspire you to push harder than you would on your own.

That built-in support system of like-minded individuals also will encourage you to overcome obstacles you’re bound to encounter. 

And, knowing you may be a source of inspiration for someone else will make you want to show up and work hard during each class.

Helpful Pointers

Group fitness instructors have been trained not only to lead you through the workout – they also are there to make sure everyone in the class is performing the exercises correctly. 

A knowledgeable instructor can help you find your proper form, which prevents injuries and helps you get the most out of each rep.

It’s impossible to know if you’re moving your body correctly if you’ve never done the exercise before. With a few quick adjustments, a knowledgeable instructor can help you find your proper form. 

Proper form allows your muscles to reap the biggest benefits from each move you make. It also helps prevent potential injuries.

After a few classes, you’ll be able to feel the difference on your own.


You may love your go-to 3-mile running route or yoga sequence, but perform the same routine too many times and you’ll hit a plateau. 

Muscles can become bored with doing the same thing over and over again. 

Prevent hitting a rut by adding a variety of classes to your weekly workout schedule. From kickboxing to boot camp to dance to spinning, the list of group activities to choose from is endless.

Belly laughs count as an ab workout, right?


Simply put, group fitness classes are fun! 

Pumping music and a motivating instructor set the tone for a great fitness experience, but working out doesn’t seem so much like work when you’re in an energetic environment sweating and smiling with others. 

Having a group of high-energy individuals to work out alongside you is what makes group fitness classes so great. You can laugh together when you mess up a move, high-five one another after completing a challenging routine and cheer each other on during your fitness journey. 

Who knows, you may even leave with a lifelong friend, which will help you stay on your fitness track in and out of the gym.



Published on: January 8, 2018