Marissa, Tim, and Katie Chang

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Triplets Tim, Katie, and Marissa Chang were welcomed into the world at Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children in 1986 at a time when multiple births were not as common as today. Born via C-section, their labor and delivery required three teams of physicians and nurses.

While it was initially a shock for expectant parents Burt and Cathy to discover they were having triplets, they credit the wonderful staff at Kapiolani for helping them to cope. In fact, they were allowed to stay in the hospital for one week after the triplets were born to give them the extra time to prepare for taking three newborns home.

Although it has been more than three decades, the triplets’ parents still remember and appreciate the outstanding care provided by the late Drs. Joseph Brock and Sylvia Pager as well as the nurses. The staff was instrumental in ensuring the safe delivery of the triplets and the family’s eventual transition into what would be their new normal. 

Now 35, Tim, Katie, and Marissa have all gone on to make their marks in the world. Katie lives in Honolulu and serves as the executive director of the non-profit group The Center for Tomorrow’s Leaders. Marissa is married with two children and lives on the mainland. For Tim, life has come full circle as he now works at Kapiolani as a physical therapist specializing in orthopedic and sports physical therapy.

In reflecting on his experience, Tim has this note, “For the parents of multiples or any children born at Kapiolani, one day your kids might end up working here.” 

In hearing their story, this is definitely not a far-fetched idea. 

Published on: October 17, 2021