Wall of Hope Past Participants

The Wall of Hope photography exhibition was an idea born from the Kapiolani staff as a way to share stories of patients who have endured and – more importantly – overcome a health crisis with current patients and their families as they brave their own medical journeys.

Since its creation in 2011, the Wall of Hope has featured more than 200 patients, ranging from infants to adults. Below is a gallery of past participants and links to their inspiring stories of hope.

Wall of Hope 2021  |  Wall of Hope 2020  |  Wall of Hope 2019  |  Wall of Hope 2018  |  Wall of Hope 2017  |  Wall of Hope 2016


Wall of Hope 2021



Aedan Faylogna.jpg

Aedan Faylogna

Aelyn Grohowski.jpg

Aelyn Growhowski

Alexanna Miyasato

Alexanna "Lexie" Miyasato

Christopherlee Nainoa Kamakea.jpg

Christopherlee Nainoa Kamakea

Daneisha Quiamas.jpg

Daneisha Quiamas

Daphine Amari Russell.jpg

Daphine Amari Russell

Eity Marissa Jude.jpg

Eity Marissa Jude

Jagger Leach.jpg

Jagger Leach

Jeremiah Nunez.jpg

Jeremiah Nunez

Kaananalu J. Kana.jpg

Kaananalu J. Kana

Leni Acosta Night.jpg

Leni Acosta Night

Liam Uyeda.jpg

Liam Uyeda

Liyah-Ann Sabalboro.jpg

Liyah-Ann Sabalboro

Luke Kaahaaina.jpg

Luke Kaahaaina

Marissa, Tim, and Katie Chang.jpg

Marissa, Tim, and Katie Chang

Prince Oscar Faasili.jpg

Prince Oscar Faasili

Deacon Ritterbush.jpg

S. Deacon Ritterbush, Ph.D

Skylar Koga.jpg

Skylar Koga

Sydney Fabric.jpg

Sydney Fabric

Tracie Lock.jpg

Tracie Lock

Wall of Hope 2020



Alainna Balles.jpg

Alainna Balles

Amalie Filibeck.jpg

Amalie Filibeck

Cheng Xian

Cheng Xian "James” Zhou

Eliza Edmonds.jpg

Eliza Edmonds

Jana Wieland.jpg

Jana Wieland

John Alvarez.jpg

John Alvarez

Kahalau Au Hoon.jpg

Kahalau Au Hoon

Katy Akitake.jpg

Katy Akitake

Komal Soin.jpg

Komal Soin

Kyle Canete.jpg

Kyle Canete

Leinoa Frazier-Caravalho.jpg

Leinoa Frazier-Caravalho

Levi Borja.jpg

Levi Borja

Logan Virtudazo.jpg

Logan Virtudazo

Lori LeCuyer.jpg

Lori LeCuyer

 Michelle Kemp.jpg

Michelle Kemp

Oliver Camp.jpg

Oliver Camp

Parker Lui.jpg

Parker Lui

Shyann Freitas.jpg

Shyann Freitas

Zeila Maclachlan.jpg

Zeila Maclachlan

Wall of Hope 2019



Aidan Gadingan.jpg

Aidan Gadingan

Bjorn Astrom.jpg

Bjorn Astrom

Cynthia Cox.jpg

Cynthia Cox

Ezekiel Cruz.jpg

Ezekiel Cruz

Grady Rodgers.jpg

Grady Rodgers

Haumea Friel.jpg

Haumea Friel

Jayven Alvarez-Hopkins.jpg

Jayven Alvarez-Hopkins

KalleyMae Yee.jpg

Kalley-Mae Yee

KehaulaniT Lee.jpg

Kehaulani Lee

Konnor Sato.jpg

Konner Sato

LeilaRose Coloma.jpg

Leila-Rose Coloma

Leslie Kang.jpg

Leslie Kang

Liam Paio.jpg

Liam Paio

Mahoe Dancel.jpg

Mahoe Dancel

 Maylee Aulani Tangaro.jpg

Maylee Aulani Tangaro

MJ Niwa.jpg

MJ Niwa

Silas Waller.jpg

Silas Senones-Waller

Skye Wheeler.jpg

Skye Wheeler

SkylaRose Teguh.jpg

Skyla-Rose Teguh

Sophia Robinson.jpg

Sophia Robinson

Wall of Hope 2018




Allesha Groom


Andre Bisquera


Aurelia Awa


Beatrice Wurst


Daniel Cheng


Grace Sakamoto


Harley McShane


James Luhia


Kaila Wada


Kaitlynn Tancayo


Landon Nance


Melissa Ongais


Michelle Kang-Mosher


Naomi Patrick


Piercen Groom


Scarlett Sandoval


Shanelle Baliguat-Lamoya


Shelly Kong


Wendy Kuwahara


Xander Cabales


Wall of Hope 2017



Alex Schultz

Alexander Schultz

Bethanie Grace Dela Cruz

Bethanie Dela Cruz

Cynthia Cruz

Cynthia Cruz


Jodi Tottori

Kaimana DeRamons

Kaimana DeRamos

Kaiolu DeRamos

Kaiolu DeRamos

Kayle Osai

Kayle Osai

Keao Miyahira

Keao Miyahira

Kupono Kahapea

Kupono Kahapea

Lindsey Spencer

Lindsey Spencer

Lyrryx Bautista

Lyrryx Bautista

Mikaela Bland Lessary WOH

Mikaela Bland-Lessary

Natalie Leitner

Natalie Leitner


Pekelo Graycochea

Poukihi Awai

Poukihi Awai

Quinn Warman

Quinn Warman

Rachel Ashley Ioane

Rachel Ashley Ioane

Reilynn Mahoe

Reilynn Mahoe

Robin Ribac

Robin Ribac

Xzylie Ramelb

Xzylie Ramelb

Wall of Hope 2016

Hunter Gentry

Hunter Gentry

Ashlyn Kai Melcher

Ashlyn Kai Melcher

Mari Faufata Pedrina

Mari Faufata-Pedrina

Tyler Villegas

Tyler Villegas

Zeny Agas

Zeny Agas

Punahele Carnate

Punahele Carnate

Jeremiah Carnate

Jeremiah Carnate

Tiare Tia Fuchigami

Tiare Fuchigami

Lily Faith Lyman

Lily Faith Lyman

Maddox Mariano

Maddox Mariano

Gwen Mau

Gwen Mau

Ryan Nakamura

Ryan Nakamura

Robyn Polinar

Robyn Polinar

Dela Cruz Quints

Dela Cruz Quintuplets

Aziel Robinson

Aziel Robinson

Shiloh Irvine

Shiloh Irvine

Alexander 'Z' Schulte

Alexander Schulte

Declan Strahl

Declan Strahl

Remembering Tucker

Tucker Hirsch



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