Vitamins & Minerals: From A to Zinc

Eat Healthy

Vitamins and minerals are essential to your health.

These micronutrients help your body do everything, from reading a book to running a marathon, fighting off infection and even building muscles, blood cells and DNA!

You don’t have to pop a daily multivitamin or chew a cartoon-shaped tablet to reap these health benefits – a well-rounded, balanced diet can supply all the nutrients you need.

(Note that diseases such as cancer or diabetes require special nutritional needs, and some medications can have adverse interactions with certain foods. Discuss with your primary care physician if a supplement is right for you.)

Click through the slideshow below to read more about the vitamins and minerals your body needs every day, what can happen if you don’t get enough (or if you get too much) and good food sources for each.

Published on: June 15, 2015