Research Institute

Our Mission

Hawaii Pacific Health Research Institute (HPHRI) is founded on the "Alapono" approach. The translation from Hawaiian means "the ideal path to health". The research institute focuses on the studies our physicians select as priority for the health and wellbeing of the people of Hawaii.

HPHRI coordinates the research activity at each of the Hawaii Pacific Health-affiliated health care facilities. HPHRI assists principal investigators or researchers with the coordination and administration of pharmaceutical sponsored trials, assisting with Scientific Review Committee submissions, Administrative review and Institutional Review Board submission. HPHRI also supports researchers within Hawaii Pacific Health by assisting with protocol and informed consent development, grants application, and study coordination.

Conducting Research at Hawaii Pacific Health

Study Categories

  • Pharmaceutical Sponsored Studies -- Studies where a company, other than Hawaii Pacific Health, supplies some funding for the trial.
  • Investigator Initiated Studies -- A trial written by a Principal Investigator for implementation in Hawaii Pacific Health (including investigation of new drugs).
  • Cancer Cooperative Groups -- Trials written by the NCI Cooperative Group Research bases.

Research-related Responsibilities

To assure that all clinical researchers understand their responsibility to protect the welfare of their research subjects, Hawaii Pacific Health requires that researchers be “certified” in human subjects protection before conducting research.


Principal Investigator Responsibilities

Submitting a Protocol

Submit a complete or draft protocol with data collection sheet to HPHRI at for a preliminary review of your project. After the preliminary review is complete, a member of the HPHRI team will contact you to complete the required forms for your specific project.

All research conducted at Hawaii Pacific Health must have scientific review by the Scientific Review Committee. HPHRI will submit your project to the Scientific Review Committee on your behalf and contact you with the results of the review.

Should your project require full IRB review, the HPHRI team will assist you with the submission to the Western IRB.

New Protocol

Western Institutional Review Board (WIRB)

Hawaii Pacific Health uses the Western Institutional Review board as its IRB. 

WIRB Guide for Researchers