About The Board

Hawaii Pacific Health’s Board of Directors is generally responsible for supervision of the overall affairs of Hawaii Pacific Health and its affiliate organizations.

The Directors of Hawaii Pacific Health are ultimately responsible for the management of the property, funds and affairs of the organization. The Board ensures that the organization is operated for a community benefit purpose and its assets are applied to its community mission. To assist it in carrying out its duties, the Board has delegated certain authority to several Standing Committees.

Limitation on “Interested Persons”

In keeping with best practices in corporate governance, the Hawaii Pacific Health Board of Directors has adopted the policy that not more than forty-nine percent (49%) of the members of the Board may be Interested Persons. “Interested Persons” means any person who has, directly or indirectly, through business, investment, or immediate family: (i) any ownership or investment interest in an entity with which Hawaii Pacific Health has a financial arrangement; or (ii) a compensation arrangement with Hawaii Pacific Health or with any entity or individual with which Hawaii Pacific Health has a financial arrangement.

Hawaii Pacific Health Director Biographies

Contact the Board

Anyone who wishes to communicate with the Board of Directors or any individual Director of Hawaii Pacific Health may send correspondence to:

Board of Directors
Hawaii Pacific Health
55 Merchant Street, 27th Floor
Honolulu, HI 96813

Standing Committees of the Board

The Board of Directors of Hawaii Pacific Health has delegated authority over certain functions to five Standing Committees: the Finance Committee, the Compensation Committee, the Governance & Nominating Committee, the Patient Safety & Quality Committee, and the Audit Committee. A brief description of each Committee follows.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee reviews the annual operational, cash flow and capital expenditure budgets of Hawaii Pacific Health and all of its affiliates, and presents its recommendations to the Board.

Finance Committee Charter

Compensation Committee

The Compensation Committee is responsible for determining all compensation paid to officers of the Corporation and to physicians employed by the Corporation or an Affiliate.

Compensation Committee Charter

Governance & Nominating Committee

The Governance & Nominating Committee is responsible for matters of corporate governance and for nominating certain community members and physicians for election to the Board.

Governance and Nominating Committee Charter

Patient Safety & Quality Committee

The Patient Safety & Quality Committee is an interdisciplinary committee established by the Board for the purpose of monitoring and evaluating patient care and to identify, study, and seek improvements in the patient care delivery process. The Patient Safety & Quality Committee acts on behalf of the Board in promoting a pervasive culture of safety, personal and group responsibility, and world class quality utilizing best practices, increased communication, and teamwork. The goal is to create a system of effective patient safety throughout Hawaii Pacific Health by integrating oversight of all patient safety, quality, performance improvement, patient relations, and risk management functions into a single, multidisciplinary leadership body.

Patient Safety & Quality Committee Charter

Audit Committee

It is the responsibility of the Audit Committee to oversee Hawaii Pacific Health’s financial statements and financial reporting processes, systems of internal and financial controls, the internal audit function and the annual independent audit of Hawaii Pacific Health’s financial statements. The Audit Committee is also responsible for assessing Hawaii Pacific Health’s policies with respect to risk assessment and risk management.

Audit Committee Charter

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