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Patient and Visitor Policy

At Hawaii Pacific Health, the safety of our patients, visitors, care providers and staff is always our top priority. Please see the information below for the measures we have in place to keep our patients, visitors and staff safe at our medical centers and clinics.

  • All Medical Centers (Inpatient and Emergency Departments): Two adult visitors are allowed at a time with the option to swap out during established visiting hours. If this involves visiting a patient who is sharing a room with another patient, one adult visitor is allowed at a time with the option to swap out during established visiting hours.
  • COVID-Positive Patients:  We continue to require no visitors for COVID-positive patients, with an understanding that the approach to visitors for these patients will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The patient’s attending physician will continue to work with the patient’s clinical team and facility leadership to manage visitors for these patients.
  • Clinics and Outpatient Appointments and Procedures at all HPH Facilities:  Patients are allowed to have two adults accompany them for ambulatory visits of any kind, such as clinic appointments, therapy visits, and radiology.
  • Immunocompromised Patients:  For the safety of this special patient population, particularly in infusion centers and oncology clinics, visitors or caregivers are allowed and will be facilitated by clinic leadership to ensure safety for all.

COVID-19 vaccination for visitors to Hawaii Pacific Health facilities is not required.

Mask Guidelines

Effective Monday, May 15, 2023
HPH will no longer require masks to be worn by patients, visitors and staff, except in designated patient care areas. Anyone who wishes to wear a mask is encouraged to do so. We will continue to monitor local and national health condition trends that may warrant future adjustments to our mask policy as needed.

Public common/nonpatient care areas

  • All staff and visitors are no longer required to wear a mask in public common areas or nonpatient care areas. These areas are considered “mask-optional zones.”
  • Public common/nonpatient care areas include lobbies, elevators, cafeterias and hallways that are not within patient care areas.
  • Individuals who desire to wear a mask should freely do so based on personal preference.
  • Patients exhibiting symptoms and seeking care are still required to keep their mask on.
  • Visitors with symptoms are not allowed to enter medical center premises.

Patient care areas

  • All staff and visitors are still required to wear a mask in patient care areas. These areas are considered “mask-required zones.”
  • Patient care areas include waiting rooms (for clinical areas), hallways within patient care areas, nursing stations, medical assistant stations, reception desks (for clinical areas), imaging, lab and any immediate area where patients are provided care.
  • We continue to require masking of patients and visitors in patient care areas, including when the visitor is alone with a patient in the room.
  • Mask exceptions in patient care areas include those who are less than 2 years of age or have a clinical reason why a mask would be unsafe.

Masks should be worn properly over the nose and mouth.

Masks with valves are not allowed and neck gaiters are discouraged as their effectiveness is unknown.

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