HealthAdvantage CONNECT

We are pleased to offer the integrated Epic Electronic Health Record and Practice Management system as HealthAdvantage CONNECT. HealthAdvantage CONNECT is an affordable, provider-based EHR solution for your office. With the Epic system being one of the most highly regarded electronic tools available in the health care industry today, this is a unique opportunity for you to adopt an EHR of outstanding value.


"After struggling with implementing two other practice management systems in my tenure here at JABSOM-UCERA, I can confidently say that the Epic system, with its integrated EHR and practice management applications, is by far the most robust. The key to our successful implementation, however, is not just the program itself. It was the highly personal, professional, and knowledgeable Epic Implementation Team that worked with our department, across seven practice sites, to accomplish the single largest system implementation in our department."

Shari Y. Tasaka

Chief of Administration, Operations, and Finance

Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Women's Health

University of Hawaii, John A. Burns School of Medicine

Benefits of HealthAdvantage CONNECT

With HealthAdvantage CONNECT both you and your patient benefit from:

  • An integrated EHR and Practice Management system that provides seamless integration between registration, scheduling, clinical documentation and billing.
  • A provider-based EHR that connects you to our hospitals and clinics, providing you with instant access to a patient’s clinical history, including hospital charts and test results.
  • Many clinical quality programs being implemented at our hospitals and clinics, including integrated chronic disease registries and best-practice reminders for preventative care.
  • Hawaii Pacific Health’s successful implementation of the Epic Ambulatory EHR and Practice management system in more than twenty specialties and in most of our clinic locations. A dedicated HealthAdvantage CONNECT team will bring this experience to your practice with support to successfully get you through this transition.
  • Additional features that may not be available with other systems including:
    • Two-way interface with both local laboratories, CLH & DLS.
    • Integrated electronic eligibility verification.
    • MyHealthAdvantage, an on-line patient portal which enables patients to schedule appointments, communicate with their care team, view and chart test results, and refill prescriptions.
  • Any future enhancements to the system designed to improve workflow for users, elevate quality of care for patients, and accomplish additional requirements for “meaningful use” and clinical quality reporting.

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