Advance Care Planning

Being hospitalized with a serious illness can be difficult and confusing. You and your family may have questions about your illness and the choices you make.

Advance Care Planning is the process of understanding, discussing and planning for a time when you cannot make your own medical decisions. This typically involves learning about treatment options, thinking about your decisions with your loved ones and your physician, and documenting those wishes before a crisis occurs. Advance Care Planning is care customized to reflect your personal preferences and health needs, as well as meet your social, cultural and religious requirements.

Advance Care planning helps you through all the stages of illness. It is best introduced early in a person’s care and is an on-going process of respecting the choices that one makes for one’s self. A team of skilled facilitators can help you make the decisions that are right for you.

Advance Care Planning at Wilcox

Understanding advance care planning will help you determine kind of care you would and would not want if you became very sick. Knowing your health care wishes can provide comfort and peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Beginning the discussion for advance care planning can seem daunting, however Wilcox Medical Center is here to help you take the first step. Contact your primary care provider today to discuss how creating an advance care plan can help you.

If in the event you are hospitalized, your physician, nurse or social worker may schedule an appointment with an Advance Care Planning Facilitator.

This service is available at:   Kapiolani Pali Momi Straub Wilcox


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