Wilcox Health Café to Serve Meatless Menu Every Monday Beginning May 23


Cafe worker serving vegetarian spinach artichoke casserole and pinakbet

In an effort to create a healthier Hawaii and increase use of local produce, the Wilcox Health Café will institute “Meatless Mondays” starting May 23, 2022.

Meals will feature locally grown produce sourced from across the state. Wilcox Health has partnered with Malama Kauai to connect with farmers located in Moloaa on the North Shore of the island as well as those in the Lihue area. The medical center also works with Sugarland Growers in Kunia and Aloun Farms in Kapolei on Oahu for tomatoes, zucchini, green bell peppers and cabbage.

“The quality of fresh Hawaii produce far surpasses imported produce,” said Robin Lotu, director of food and nutrition at Wilcox Medical Center. “Local produce gets to your plate quicker than imported vegetables, which means it contains a higher nutrient value.”

Hot entrées and the salad bar will be meatless every Monday. Beef, pork, chicken and fish will be absent from the menu. In their place will be vegetarian options such as taro burgers, zucchini patties, vegetable pancit and Chinese chicken salad made with meatless “chicken” strips.

While the café won’t be serving meat or meat-containing products, foods produced by animals, such as milk, eggs, cheese and honey, will be available.

The café also will have assorted grab-and-go items from local vendors who use locally sourced vegetables. Some examples include kimchi wraps, quinoa and kale bowls, tofu and vegetable onigrazu (musubi), and chickpea sandwiches.

“Fresh produce is sweet, crisp, crunchy and aromatic – you feel like you’re eating the rainbow,” Lotu said.

The initiative kicks off Monday, May 23, in conjunction with the weeklong Healthier Happens Together Wilcox Health Employee Wellness Fair.

“We are excited and hope our staff and community will embrace and enjoy our Meatless Monday meal service,” Lotu said.

Located on the ground floor of Wilcox Medical Center in Lihue, the Wilcox Health Café offers a wide selection of healthful meals and snacks seven days a week. The café is open to the public Monday-Friday between 6:30 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Weekly menus and daily specials from Wilcox’s award-winning cooks are posted online at WilcoxHealth.org/Patient-Visitors/Wilcox-Health-Cafe.

Visitors to the medical center must wear medical face masks while inside the facility. For current guidelines related to COVID-19 policies at Hawaii Pacific Health medical centers and clinics, visit HawaiiPacificHealth.org/Coronavirus.

Pictured: Vegetarian spinach artichoke casserole (left) – includes onions sautéed with garlic; butter, sour cream, artichokes and spinach; topped with parmesan cheese. And pinakbet (right) – includes kabocha, long beans, bitter melon, eggplant, tomatoes and okra all sourced from Hawaii farms.

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