Pediatric Urology

Pediatric Urology is the subspecialty of both Urology and Pediatric Surgery dealing with disorders of children’s genitourinary systems. Pediatric urologists provide care for both boys and girls ranging from birth to early adult age. The most common disorders treated by pediatric urologists involve disorders of urination, congenital and acquired diseases, and malformations and functional problems of the genitourinary system.

Pediatric Urology at Kapiolani

Pediatric Urology services at Kapiolani offer children and their families comprehensive treatment and support for everyday urinary problems as well as highly specialized care for less common disorders.

Our urologists specialize in urinary infections and incontinence, prenatal urology disorders, genitourinary surgical reconstruction and minimally-invasive urological surgery.

Our team cares for children with the following problems:

  • Urinary tract infections (bladder and kidney)
  • Urinary incontinence (leakage) and bedwetting
  • Kidney stones
  • Kidney obstruction
  • Kidney cancer
  • Reflux of urine (vesico-ureteral reflux)
  • Ureteral obstruction
  • Ureteroceles
  • Prenatal urinary dilation (hydronephrosis)
  • Bladder and cloacal exstrophy
  • Urethral obstruction
  • Hernia & Hydrocele
  • Undescended testicles
  • Varicocele
  • Neurological problems of the bladder
    • Spinal cord injury
    • Myelomeningocele
  • Genital abnormalities including:
    • Hypospadias
    • Epispadias
    • Disorders of sexual differentiation (Intersex conditions)

In addition, our team specializes in the following areas, providing comprehensive testing, treatment and support.

  • Urinary Infections and Incontinence: Our Center for Incontinence provides the full range of diagnostic testing and treatment to accurately assess the problem and recommend a solution. We see children for day and nighttime elimination problems (both urinary and bowel). Services include multi-channel video urodynamics, biofeedback, and patient and family education.
  • Prenatal Urology Disorders: We are now able to prenatally identify problems with a baby’s genitals or urinary system. This advancement allows us to better prepare parents as to what to expect and plan a course of testing and treatment before baby is born. As a result, parents can play a more active role in decision-making for their baby’s care.
  • Genitourinary surgical reconstruction: Dr. Sutherland provides expertise in the micro and macro surgical correction of congenital disorders of male and female genitalia including hypospadias, epispadias, and disorders of sexual differentiation (also known as intersex disorders or sexual ambiguity).
  • Minimally-invasive urological surgery: We offer laparoscopy and laparoscopic-assisted surgery to correct disorders of the kidney, ureter, bladder, and gonads (both testes and ovaries).

Children’s treatments are also available for:

  • Bedwetting
  • Hernias & hydroceles
  • Hypospadias
  • Prenatal hydronephrosis
  • Undescended testicles
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Vesicoureteral Reflux

Kapiolani Pediatric Urology Services: 1-808-983-6633


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