Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

At Straub, we offer both reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery.

Reconstructive Surgery
Reconstructive surgery helps to restore the form and function of the body that may have been damaged due to birth abnormalities, disease, or trauma. Services provided include cleft palate repair, craniofacial reconstruction, skin cancer treatment, breast cancer reconstruction, and complex burn care at the Straub Burn Unit.

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Cosmetic Surgery
Cosmetic surgery is performed for patients looking to enhance their physical appearance. Services provided include both non invasive procedures and invasive surgical procedures.

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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Straub

Straub Plastic Surgery offers one of the safest locations on the island for plastic and reconstructive surgery. Our plastic surgery operating room is customized for maximum patient safety, privacy and comfort. We also have the unique advantage that our plastic surgery operating room is physically connected to the main Straub hospital. In the rare event of an emergency, our patients have direct access to state of the art hospital equipment and personnel.

Kristi's Story:


"When I first met Dr. Cho in 2011, I had just been diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer at age 30, and I was deliberating about my reconstructive options. Dr. Cho was thoughtful and sensitive about my situation, yet he thoroughly informed me about what he felt would be possible and realistic in my case, reviewing each option with me..."  READ MORE

Seeing Is Believing

Considering plastic or reconstructive surgery is first an issue of trust. You want to be confident your doctor is completely qualified, and is someone who really cares about you. After all, you're putting your body and appearance in their hands. Straub’s board certified reconstructive plastic surgeons are equal parts doctors and artists – delivering quality results that have literally transformed the lives of their patients.


Before & After Image Gallery

Cleft Palate (surgeon: Dr. David Cho)

Cleft Palate (surgeon: Dr. David Cho)

Cleft Palate (surgeon: Dr. David Cho)

Cleft Palate (surgeon: Dr. David Cho)

Cleft Palate (surgeon: Dr. David Cho)

Skin Cancer (surgeon: Dr. David Cho)

Skin Cancer (surgeon: Dr. David Cho)

Facial Trauma (surgeon: Dr. David Cho)

Breast reconstruction after bilateral mastectomies (breast completely removed) using silicone implants (surgeon: Dr. David Cho)

Breast reconstruction after bilateral mastectomies (breast completely removed) using silicone implants (surgeon: Dr. David Cho)

Breast reconstruction after bilateral mastectomies (breast completely removed) using silicone implants (surgeon: Dr. David Cho)

Breast reconstruction after bilateral mastectomies (breast completely removed) using silicone implants (surgeon: Dr. David Cho)

Breast reconstruction after bilateral mastectomies (breast completely removed) and creation of nipple/areolas (surgeon: Dr. David Cho)

Delayed breast reconstruction with flap and creation of nipple/areola (surgeon: Dr. David Cho)

Oncoplastic breast reconstruction (breast cancer removed along with bilateral breast reduction) (surgeon: Dr. David Cho)

Breast reconstruction after bilateral mastectomies (breast completely removed) using silicone implants (surgeon: Dr. David Cho)


Breast Reduction (surgeon: Dr. David Cho)
Dr Cho Before-After Cropped

Revisionary Breast Reconstruction  (surgeon: Dr. David Cho)Revisionary-Breast-Reconstruction

Experience You Can Count On


Dr. David Cho, Dr. Robert Schulz and Dr. Michael Pharaon are board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This specific board certification requires adherence to a strict code of ethics in plastic surgery. Our nurses are ACLS certified and receive training annually to stay current with issues concerning safety in and around the operating room.

Straub is fully accredited by and in good standing with the Hawaii Department of Health and The Joint Commission. Straub received Healthgrades Report's "Outstanding Patient Experience Award" for ranking in the top 5% of hospitals nationwide. Straub is a recipient for the fourth year in a row. 

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Patient Testimonials


Kristi's Story, cont'd:



My general surgeon (who performed my bilateral mastectomy) and her staff also gave me excellent feedback about Dr. Cho from other patients, and I found their confidence to be encouraging and reassuring. Selecting the right plastic surgeon to perform the countless fills for tissue expansion to the multiple surgeries that would follow treatment was especially concerning to me, and I was also aware of the capable, as well as artistic eye necessary for such a case. 

Following my bilateral mastectomy (with a modified radical mastectomy to my right breast), Dr. Cho immediately began the reconstructive process. As busy as he is with his own case load, he still rearranged his schedule to perform the procedure in conjunction with my other surgeon, despite the short notice. Time and time again, Dr. Cho's attentiveness provided a better experience for me as a patient. For example, his early recognition of an infection helped me to receive the necessary, additional treatment to recover from surgery, and his simultaneous removal of my chest port while performing another procedure spared me an additional surgery. This flexibility and attention to patients' particular needs are hallmarks of Dr. Cho's practice, and this is also reflected by his office and medical staff who are equally as diligent in their patient care. Throughout the two-year process, Dr. Cho only provided the absolute best care. Not only have I been completely satisfied with my experience, but I've also been extremely impressed and thrilled by the natural appearance that he was able to achieve with my reconstruction. His technical skills and professional expertise are beyond what I would hope from any doctor, yet he is down-to-earth and easy to talk to, even given the nature and circumstances under which I've had to visit his office.

Before my bout with cancer, I had never planned or expected to make any cosmetic alterations to my appearance beyond dental changes, but Dr. Cho and his staff turned what might otherwise have been an arduous and tiresome journey with breast cancer treatment and reconstruction into a far more pleasant and gratifying chapter in my life. Without reservation or hesitation, I would highly recommend Dr. Cho to anyone seeking a plastic surgeon, whether for a simple mole removal or for a far more complicated breast reconstruction.

Jewel Purdy:



This testimonial is very emotional and important to me because I want women to know that breast cancer awareness and early detection is very important no matter what age you are. I have a very strong history of breast and ovarian cancer in my family. My mom and her sisters had it.

My mom was diagnosed at age 40 and died at a relatively young age of 47. I also developed breast disease at a young age that needed to have continued lumpectomy surgeries and enhanced surveillance by specially trained health care providers. This continued breast disease put me at extremely higher risk to develop breast cancer.

In February 2013, I made my decision to get a preventive bilateral mastectomy with reconstructive surgery. I want to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Cho for making a real difficult time in my life end up a truly positive experience. You and your nurses Lorna and Tessie helped me to continue to go forward with my challenges and process of reconstruction and revision of the first surgery with confidence and peace that I had not just standard care but the "Best Care" possible with your professionalism, knowledge and compassionate bedside manner. Dr. Cho and his nurses Lorna and Tessie and front office staff Nina and Charlene were always friendly, caring and understanding and very welcoming throughout my visits. I highly recommend Dr. Cho as their plastic surgeon. He is an excellent doctor. I am forever blessed that the Lord brought me to you. May the Lord continue to bless you with your artistic skills and this gift to help others like myself become whole again. Thank you for making me "smile" again.

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