Garrett Gabriel

Garrett Gabriel with his doctor

Garrett is a well-known athlete in Hawaii, and highly recognized for his position as quarterback for the University of Hawaii in the late 1980s.

On Father’s Day, 2012, Garrett felt unusually exhausted during his routine three-mile jog. His wife, Dori, called Straub cardiologist, Dr. Raymond Itagaki, and Garrett was able to get a cardiac stress test completed. Cardiac disease runs in his family, and Garrett’s father was also cared for by Dr. Itagaki. 

Garrett followed up with his primary care physician (PCP), Dr. Dean Otaka, an independent community physician based at Pali Momi. Dr. Otaka was able to access Garrett’s test results immediately and identified the problem. Dr. Otaka quickly communicated and coordinated a course of treatment with Dr. Itagaki, and Garrett underwent a stent placement procedure performed by Dr. Itagaki. 

Garrett credits his good health today to the seamless communication between his private physician and his Straub cardiologist via a shared electronic health record. As a result of medical professionals being able to share Garrett’s test results in his electronic health record, Garrett’s independent PCP could help identify a health issue and get it resolved by reaching out and partnering with the Straub specialists at Hawaii Pacific Health. 

Garrett’s entire family, including his wife and three athletic sons, are now committed to a life of wellness and prevention of heart disease.

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