Capt. Jerry Coffee

Capt. Jerry Coffee and his partner/wife

“Be tough. Bounce back. Don’t just survive – Go beyond survival.”

Those words encompass the spirit of Capt. Jerry Coffee, a decorated war hero and inspirational speaker who touches thousands worldwide with his life-changing message of hope, faith, courage and honor.

Coffee is a survivor in every sense of the word. During the Vietnam War, the former Navy pilot was held prisoner in the notorious Hanoi Hilton for seven years.

On the evening of Sept. 3, 2014, Coffee would be faced with another challenge.

While watching TV at home with wife Susan, Coffee noticed that he was unable to move his fingers to control the remote. Then he lost feeling in his right leg. He realized he was suffering a stroke.

Luckily, Pali Momi Medical Center was a 10-minute ambulance ride away.

When Coffee arrived, the Pali Momi stroke team was in place to deliver the tPA clot-busting drug well within the necessary time limit.

Coffee recovered full use of his leg by noon the next day and today, true to his resilient nature, Capt. Jerry is back to his active self, motivating the community with his stories of survival.

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