Q: Why is Hawaii Pacific Health sharing patient comments and ratings?
A: This gives us an opportunity to help our patients make an informed decision when choosing a doctor and allows them to see real reviews from real patients as opposed to those from other websites which are not authenticated.

Q: What do the Stars mean?
A: The 5 star rating is taken from the score on the question "Based on your experience, how likely would you be to refer your friends and family to this provider?” This is part of a 7 question survey emailed to each of our patients after they have had a visit with one of our doctors.

Q: Why do some Doctors not have a Star rating?
A: Each of our doctors need to have at least 30 patient surveys returned in order to have a star rating. No star rating means not enough surveys have been returned. Some doctors are affiliated but not employed by us and will not have star ratings.

Q: How do you know that the comments and ratings are from actual patients?
A: Real reviews by real patients means that only patients who have been seen in our doctor’s offices receive the survey and only their comments are shared.

Q: Will my comments be anonymous?
A: Yes. We will not publish any comments on our website that have a patient’s name or personal or health information in them.

Q: Why do you post negative reviews
A: To be sure that the system is credible, we post positive and negative reviews to help patients make an informed decision. We do see this as a way to improve our service to our valued patients and understanding all of the comments we receive helps us do just that.

Q: What are the criteria for screening comments?
A: Comments are screened to eliminate private patient information and foul, libelous or defamatory language. In addition, comments need to be relevant to the provider being reviewed and the care provided during the visit rather than focus on another experience or provider.