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Frequently Asked Questions About KCCC


Do you meet with prenatal patients?

Yes, prenatal consults are available. Please call 983-8500, Option #1 to schedule an appointment.


How often does the team meet?

Team days are Friday mornings. Each Friday may have a different set of specialists. The appointment date will be based on the individualized needs of your child.

After your appointment, your specialists will meet to discuss the team recommendations and a letter summarizing your visit will be mailed to you and your child’s primary care provider.


How often will I need to bring my baby to KCCC?

This will depend on the specific needs of your child. For newborn children, it may be as frequent as weekly to work on feeding and weight gain. For the older child, it may be a yearly visit to monitor timing for the alveolar bone graft.


Will you help me arrange travel from the neighbor islands?

Your child’s primary care doctor can assist with your travel to O‘ahu. We can work with your child’s doctor to help coordinate appointments while on O‘ahu.


Is this condition inherited?

Some conditions or syndromes treated at KCCC may have a genetic component. We have a genetics team (geneticist and genetic counselors) to work with you and your child.  The genetics team can meet with you and your child during your team appointment.


When will my child have surgery?

Optimal surgery times can vary with each child. In general, cleft lip is repaired at age 3-5 months old and cleft palate at age 9-14 months old. 

For questions on microtia or craniosynostosis surgery timeframes, it will depend on the surgical procedure and the individual child. Please call 983-8500, #1 for an appointment.


Will insurance pay for the cleft lip and ear reconstruction surgeries? Is this considered cosmetic?

For children born with microtia (underdevelopment of the ear), a cleft lip (gap in the lip), or a cleft palate (gap in the roof of the mouth), surgery is considered reconstructive for this congenital anomaly and should be covered. Please call us or your insurance company for specific questions.


Do I need to use special bottles to feed my baby?

Every individual child is different. Babies with a cleft palate have difficulty creating enough suction and may have a hard time pulling milk through a regular bottle. They usually need to use a specialty bottle. Milk flows through the specialty bottle/nipple when the baby’s tongue pushes on the nipple. Our team of feeding specialists will work with you and your child to find the feeding method that works best for your baby.


Where can I buy these bottles?

Bottles can be purchased online or may be covered by insurance. We will give you the information you need to receive bottles based on which bottle is best for your baby.


Will insurance pay for orthodontics and is it considered cosmetic?

Orthodontics for children born with a cleft or born with an orofacial anomaly is not considered cosmetic. It may improve function or may be a part of the long term treatment plan for medical or surgical management.

Legislation was passed in Hawai‘i in July 2015 that requires mandatory orthodontic coverage for children born with a cleft or orofacial condition.

Please call us at 983-8500, # 1, to discuss specific concerns.


My child was seen in KCCC, now what do I do?

You and your child’s primary care provider will receive a letter summarizing the team recommendations. You can share the recommendations with your child’s care team such as his/her early intervention provider, speech therapist, public health nurse, school teacher, dentist, orthodontist, and oral surgeon. 

We believe in collaborating with the family and the child’s care team within your community in order for us to achieve optimal outcomes for your child.

Please call us at 983-8500, #1 if you have any questions about the team recommendations or how you can best advocate for your child.


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