Women's Services

We specialize in providing caring, coordinated and comprehensive health services to women of all ages. From breast health and well-woman care to pregnancy, heart health, cancer care, gastroenterology and senior needs, we recognize that women’s bodies are different than men’s – and their medical care should be as well. We strive to keep women healthy for life.


Women's Health

Women's health includes a wide range of specialties and focus areas, such as primary care, bone health, cancer care, heart health and more. Our experienced physicians and support staff are here to provide personalized care to meet your individual health needs.


Reproductive Health & Maternity

From birth control to pregnancy, genetic counseling and postpartum care, our Women's Centers offer the most extensive reproductive health and maternity services in the state.


Diagnostics and Imaging

Early detection and diagnosis is a central part of preventive health and well-being. At Hawaii Pacific Health, our Women's Centers provide advanced screening methods for everything from breast cancer to bone density to heart disease and more.