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While all women are at risk for breast cancer, some are at greater risk due to their family history or a previous pre-cancer diagnosis.

Women who are considered at a higher risk for developing breast cancer may have:

  • A first-degree relative (mother, father, daughter or sister) or multiple second-degree relatives (first cousin, aunt, uncle, grandparents) with breast cancer.
  • A family history of ovarian cancer.
  • Had a breast biopsy showing signs of atypical (abnormal appearing) cells.

For women considered at an elevated risk for breast cancer, the High Risk Breast Program offers an intensive surveillance program aimed at identifying problems early, when they are most easily treated.

The first program of its kind in Hawaii, the High Risk Breast Program follows a state-of-the-art monitoring plan found in breast centers across the United States.

The multidisciplinary program encompasses all of a woman’s needs, including:

  • Imaging services.
  • Physician and nursing services.
  • Genetic counseling and testing.
  • Nutritional and psychological counseling.
  • Education on risk reduction and prevention/early detection methods.
  • Chemoprevention.

Criteria for Qualification

An initial assessment will be completed to determine whether or not a woman qualifies to be part of the High Risk Breast Program.

Upon qualifying for the program, participants receive a monitoring plan designed specifically for them, as well as information on nutrition, exercise and stress reduction.

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