Women's Services

Women's Services

We specialize in providing caring, coordinated and comprehensive health services to women of all ages. From breast health and well-woman care to pregnancy, heart health, cancer care, gastroenterology and senior needs, we recognize that women’s bodies are different than men’s – and their medical care should be as well. We strive to keep women healthy for life.

Women's Services at Pali Momi

Pali Momi Women's Center


The Pali Momi Women’s Center has grown to meet the needs of the Central and West Oahu communities.

Patients have come to depend on the Women’s Center for regular check-ups and advanced breast health care. Conveniently located next to Pearlridge Center Uptown, the Center combines excellent care and patient safety, all in a relaxing, healing environment.

Breast health services

  • Digital 2D and 3D mammography (tomosynthesis breast imaging)
  • Computer aided detection (CAD) advanced analysis of images to help detect the presence of abnormalities
  • Non-surgical breast biopsy (stereotactic and ultrasound)
  • Breast ultrasound

Bone health program (Osteoporosis)

  • DEXA (hip and spine) scanning
  • Osteo-cise and structural strength classes (located at Pali Momi)
  • Free public information sessions

Additional services

  • Gynecology ultrasound
  • Patient Navigator – dedicated to supporting patients along their journey
  • Cancer support group
  • Free resource library

The Pali Momi Women's Center is located at the Pali Momi Medical Pavilion.

Osteoporosis Screening: 1-808-535-7733

Hui Malama Kakoo Cancer Support Group: 1-808-485-4548

OB-GYN Services

For the women of Central and West Oahu, Pali Momi offers an array of OB-GYN specialists that are conveniently located at Pali Momi. Its Ultrasound Program ensures that all exams are performed under the direct supervision and interpreted by our GYN ultrasound trained physicians.

Pali Momi offers GYN ultrasound for common conditions such as:

  • Abnormal bleeding
  • Irregular cycles
  • IUD complications
  • Leiomyoma
  • Postmenopausal bleeding
  • Polycystic ovaries
  • Other anomalies of the uterus
  • First trimester ultrasound
  • Breast ultrasound

Pali Momi is accredited by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM).

Physician Referral: 1-808-535-7733

Appointment line: 1-808-535-7000


This service is available at:   Kapiolani Pali Momi Straub Wilcox


About Osteoporosis

What is osteoporosis?
Osteoporosis is the thinning or weakening of your bones, which begins in your mid-to-late 30’s and, for women, accelerates after menopause. Left unchecked, your bones become porous and fragile and are more likely to break or fracture. However, osteoporosis is not inevitable and is very preventable.

How to prevent osteoporosis
To be active and live independently into your 60s, 70s and beyond, you need to take action as early as possible.
Here's how:

  • Diet – take the daily requirement of calcium (1,000 -1,200 mg) and vitamin D (400 mg).
  • Exercise – do weight-bearing exercises, which stimulate your bones (walking, dancing, stair climbing).
  • Lifestyle – don't smoke; keep alcohol consumption to a minimum.
  • Testing – find out where you stand with a bone density scan and monitor your bones regularly.

Who is at risk?
Women are at higher risk than men. Caucasians and Asians and small, thin women are at greatest risk.
Other risk factors include:

  • Family history of osteoporosis
  • Early or surgically induced (both ovaries removed) menopause before the age of 45
  • Post menopause
  • Smoking, or drinking an excessive amount of alcohol 

Bone Density Scan
The DEXA scan is a quick and painless procedure. You simply lie still while the scanner passes over your body. In minutes, you'll know your results. To make an appointment, call: 1-808-949-WELL (9355) on Oahu or 1-808-245-1030 on Kauai.

Preventive Treatment Plan
Once a bone scan is done, your physician can develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Osteo-cise Classes
Osteo-cise helps women diagnosed or at risk for osteoporosis to safely build muscle strength and flexibility. Work to improve your posture, gait, balance, core strength, muscle and bone health, and reduce back pain. Six-week series. Sign up online. 

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