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Kapiolani provides exceptional care for infants, children and teenagers. As children and adolescents are still growing and face different medical issues than adult patients it is important that an expert in pediatric conditions and treatment provides their care. Our team includes physicians, physician assistants and certified athletic trainers who use a patient centered approach to help return children to their normal activity as quickly and safely as possible.

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Pali Momi

Our goal is to provide excellent care close to home. Therefore, we have grown our bone and joint services at Pali Momi Medical Center and Outpatient Center, so that patients no longer have to travel elsewhere for knee and hip replacements, or for outpatient orthopedic surgeries, including hip and knee arthroscopy and rotator cuff repair. We also offer spine surgery services as well as sports medicine services for children.

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The Straub Bone & Joint Center team is comprehensive and consists of orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine providers and rheumatologists. Our physicians provide surgical and non-surgical options for the back; upper extremities, such as shoulder, elbow and hand; and lower extremities, such as leg, knee, ankle and foot. Examples of services offered include spine surgery, joint replacements, shoulder surgery, knee surgery, hand surgery, platelet rich plasma injections, ultrasound guided joint injections and management of osteoporosis. 

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At Wilcox Bone & Joint Center, our team of experts specializes in complex joint, muscle and ligament disorders, as well as more common ailments, like sprains and strains. Our team is knowledgeable in the areas of surgical and non-surgical treatment, and provides consultation on training and conditioning practices.

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