The labrum is a crescent-shaped piece of cartilage that runs along the rim of the hip socket and provides added cushion and stability to the hip socket. A labral tear can occur by a sudden, specific injury or by repetitive motions that cause “wear and tear” to the cartilage. Athletes who participate in sports such as football, soccer, golf and ballet are at a higher risk of developing a hip labral tear.

Signs and Symptoms

Patients who suffer a labral tear report pain deep in the groin or on the side of the involved hip. This may be accompanied by a popping, clicking and/or locking sensation.

Treatment Options

  • Anti-inflammatory and pain medications.
  • Physical therapy.
  • Arthroscopic surgery.

Tips for Prevention

If you participate in sports that put a lot of strain on your hips, avoid loading your full body weight onto your hip when your legs are in positions at the extreme ends of your hip’s normal range of motion.

Focus on strengthening and flexibility exercises to condition the surrounding muscles.