Live your Healthier is part of our mission to create a Healthier Hawaii.

It’s also a personal roadmap you can use to live a healthier life.  As our patients so eloquently teach us on a daily basis, "Living your Healthier" is an attitude. A belief in yourself regardless of your circumstances.  A better, healthier life is out there for the taking.  All you need to do is seize the moment.

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5 Tips to Live Your Healthier

Creating a healthier lifestyle can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be hard! Start by incorporating small habits into your daily routine. Before you know it, these actions will become second-nature!

Here are five top tips for how to live your healthier from experts at Hawaii Pacific Health’s family of medical centers:


   healthy food icon   1. Focus on Healthful Food

Fresh, wholesome food choices are best. Load up on vegetables and fruits first, then add in high-fiber grains, healthy fats and lean proteins to help you feel full.

exercise icon    2. Enhance Your Exercise Routine

Moving your body on a regular basis helps strengthen the heart, lowers blood pressure, maintains body weight, builds muscle mass, stimulates the bones, reduces body fat and boosts brain function! 

 stress level icon    3. Manage Stress Levels

Too much stress can cause hypertension, stroke and kidney failure, among other health ailments. Luckily, you can lower stress levels through breath work, meditation, massage and other techniques.

shuteye icon    4. Get Enough Shut-Eye

Sleep has been shown to lower the risk of injuries, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and mood disorders. For a better night’s rest, try a relaxing routine one hour before bedtime.

heart icon    5. See Your PCP Regularly

A primary care physician, or PCP, doesn’t only treat you when you’re sick – your PCP works with you to manage your health care needs and prevent chronic medical conditions from developing.


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When you live your Healthier, we create a healthier Hawaii.

This is how our employees are creating a Healthier Hawaii. Show us how you live your Healthier with #HealthierHawaii