Cancer care for Hawai‘i.  

Hawai'i Pacific Health is dedicated to providing Cancer Care that is comprehensive, well-coordinated and connected. Read articles about cancer in our Health Library. 



Straub Cancer Center  

The Straub Cancer Center is committed to providing patients with top quality, comprehensive and well-coordinated care. Located on the 1st and second floor of the Palma building, the Straub Cancer Center consists of a team of board certified physicians, certified Outpatient Treatment Center staff, registered dieticians, a Quality of Life professional, and, in the hospital, certified Inpatient hospital staff.

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Oncology Services at Wilcox  

Aileen E. Denny, MD, board certified oncologist, is our resident cancer specialist, providing care for oncology patients at the Kauai Medical Clinic on the 2nd floor of the Lihue clinic. In addition to Dr. Denny, other visiting oncologists are from Straub Clinics and Hospital. Drs. Galen Choy and Randall Liu round out the schedule so that patients can be seen and receive treatment here at home.

The department has a cancer research component and offers clinical trials to patients as appropriate. Patients needing chemotherapy are referred to the hospital’s Infusion Center after they have been given a tour by their physician and introduced to the nursing staff. Receiving this care with our oncologists nearby in the clinic is reassuring to patients.

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Oncology Services at Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women & Children  

Kapi‘olani supports a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to cancer assessment and care. Our highly trained physicians and staff are experienced in treating childhood cancers and women’s cancers, providing the latest treatment so patients can remain at home in Hawai‘i, close to their support network of family and friends.

Comprehensive Children’s Cancer Center  

Women’s Cancer Center  

Breast Center  



Oncology Services at Pali Momi Medical Center  

Pali Momi Medical Center is the only nationally accredited Cancer Treatment Program serving West O'ahu. The hospital provides convenient diagnostic and treatment services in Aiea for West O'ahu residents. The medical staff includes surgeons, oncologists, radiologists and pathologists who are experienced in the treatment of cancer. Outreach focuses on support groups and education to increase awareness about cancer screening and prevention.

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Annual Cancer Reports

Hawai‘i Pacific Health, in compliance with the Commission on Cancer, creates annual cancer reports to detail the cancer programs and services offered by our hospitals. Click on the links below to access our annual reports.

Hawai‘i Pacific Health Cancer Report  

Hawai‘i Pacific Health Cancer Report 

Kapi‘olani Annual Cancer Report
Pali Momi Annual Cancer Report
Straub Annual Cancer Report
Wilcox Annual Cancer Report