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According to Child Health Data, in 2007, over twenty-eight percent of youth aged 10-17 years old in Hawaii were identified as overweight or obese. Childhood obesity is a serious medical condition that, if left untreated, could lead to other health challenges such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and depression.

Improving a child’s diet and exercise habits is one of the best things that can be done in order to combat obesity as well as protect the health of the child now and in the future.

The N.E.W. Keiki program is Hawaii’s only family-based multidisciplinary intervention program targeting children and adolescents.  Created in collaboration with the YMCA of Honolulu in 2012, the program teaches keiki and their family about nutrition, healthy home environments, fitness, medical co-morbidities, mental health and family support issues.


N.E.W. Keiki at Kapiolani

The N.E.W. Keiki program is led by a multidisciplinary team composed of a pediatrician, registered dietician, physical therapist, fitness trainer, behavioral health specialist, nurse care coordinator, chef, and program facilitator.

Family participation is crucial to success.  Patients and families commit to our 12 month program, beginning with an intensive phase of weekly sessions over 2-3 months.  Visits are scheduled in the afternoons and evenings to minimize interruption to school and work schedules.

The curriculum is composed of classes themed on nutrition, healthy home environments, fitness, medical co-morbidities, mental health and family support issues. There are formal follow-up sessions after the initial intensive phase to keep families motivated, engaged and accountable over the subsequent 12 months.

Additionally, N.E.W. Keiki organizes extracurricular activities such as hikes, farmer’s market tours, and other gatherings to continue to engage families to stay motivated and troubleshoot challenges to change.

N.E.W. Keiki Program Options:


Keiki Program
(7-12 year olds)

Adolescent Program
(13-18 year olds)


Various community locations, including:

  • Nuuanu YMCA
  • Pali Momi
  • Castle Medical Center
  • Kapiolani Women's Center


  • Kapiolani Medical Center
  • Kapiolani Women's Center
Duration 12 Months  12 Months 
Visit Frequency

Weekly x 9 weeks

6 month and 12 month follow-ups

Weekly x 12 weeks

6 month and 12 month follow-ups

Visit Times

Tuesday or Wednesday Evenings

Tuesday or Wednesday Afternoons

Program Requirements:

  • Child must be 7-18 years of age
  • Requires active support and participation of family members
  • Must be referred by child’s physicians and/or healthcare centers
  • Screening labs to evaluate for medical co-morbidities

To refer patients please complete and fax downloadable Physician Referral Form (below) to 808-983-6056.

For more information on childhood obesity or the N.E.W. Keiki program, please call 808-983-8500 Ext 2.

This service is available at:   Kapiolani


Physician Referral Form (PDF)

Hawaii 5210 (resource on healthy living for patients and physicians)

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