Kapiolani Welcomes the Arrival of Its First App


Just like its patients, Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children has been expecting a little bundle of joy, and after months of anticipation, it’s finally here! 

Hapai (the Hawaiian word for “pregnant”) is a free, comprehensive maternity app from Kapiolani to help mommy and baby stay healthy during and after pregnancy. 

Each week, the Hapai app provides updates about your baby’s development, changes to your body and things to do in preparation for your big day. Simply enter your due date, and Hapai will calculate how many weeks along you are and how many days left until baby’s arrival, all while providing you with helpful tools and resources to guide you through your pregnancy. 

The Hapai app features: 

Week-by-Week Calendar iconWeek-by-Week Calendar. Keep track of your pregnancy while learning about your body, your baby and what to do weekly. 

Reminders iconReminders. Track doctor appointments, shopping needs, exercise times and more. 

Notes iconNotes. Log how you’re feeling, write down questions to ask your doctor and have other pregnancy information with you at all times. 

Checklist iconChecklist. Get organized as you prepare for the big day with lists of essential items and what you’ll need to bring to the hospital.

Contraction Counter iconContraction Counter. Time your contractions when you think you’re going into labor.

 Feeding. Record all your baby’s feeding details, from how long you nurse on each breast to the ounces of milk or formula baby drinks.

Weekly Baby Names iconWeekly Baby Names. Be inspired by popular baby names for girls and boys each week.

Resources iconResources. Have access to helpful information from Kapiolani about your pregnancy, breastfeeding, infant care, classes and more.

Messages iconMessages. Receive weekly notifications about important pregnancy updates and details. 

“We created the Hapai app with the needs and wants of our patients in mind,” says Kapiolani CEO Martha Smith. “Now, mothers-to-be have access to Kapiolani’s wealth of maternity resources right at their fingertips.” 

Hapai is available to download for both iOS and Android mobile phones. 

To learn more, click here.

Published on: May 25, 2015